Climate Change is real and the rainfall patterns as well as prolonged droughts are becoming unpredictable across the globe. As a way of contributing to climate change adaptation and mitigation as well as environmental conservation, the Centre for Research Training and Publication (CRTP), under the project of Environmental advocacy Support in Extractive Industries (EASEI) planted 4000 trees in Migori and Kwale in April 2023. During the tree-planting exercise CRTP coordinated the planting of 2,000 trees in Migori whereby 1000 trees were planted by two groups being Mirema Community Forest Association (CFA) and Nyatike Evangelist One Accord (NEOA), while the remaining 1000 trees were planted in private lands by members of Mining Community Development Programme (MICODEPRO) and Reformed Community Mining Group (RECOMIGRO). In Kwale, CRTP representatives visited 4 locations to coordinate the planting of 2,000 trees. In each location, 500 trees were planted by the group members. The groups that participated in tree planting exercise were: New Boma self-help group in Ramisi Ward, Mwandurya self-help group in Kinondo Ward, Umoja ni Nguvu self-help group in Diani Ward and Sisters to Brothers self-help group in Gombato Bongwe Ward. As a commitment to promote environmental conservation and sustainability, CRTP  planted additional 4500 trees in Migori and Kwale Counties in the Month of September, 2023.