Jackline Anundo a Clinical Psychologist taking the Maadili participants through a session

In 2019 HIPSIR organized student leaders’ training sessions together with Loreto Msongari Girls Secondary School a school that HIPSIR regularly partners with. The training was on leadership and peace-building practice, with the objectives of the training being:

  1. To contextualize the environment that students are operating in – family, school, and society.
  2. To expose student leaders to various understandings and styles of leadership.
  3. To share the importance of spirituality in leadership – the place of values, including identifying the characteristics of both good and poor leaders.
  4. To create a safe space for students to share experiences in leadership including successes and challenges
  5. To expose student leaders to peace-building skills

The students training also took the students through social media and Christian values including

  • Experience on social media,
  • The impact of social media on sexual orientation
  • Christian values in social media
  • Group discussions on how to develop good values to counter impacts of social media.