Hekima University College (HUC) invites abstracts for its Third Research Week’s academic conference scheduled for 22-24 October 2024.  The theme of the conference is Technology, Theology and Peace. We invite 250-word abstracts from students and faculty from different universities on the themes below. Please submit your abstracts to the HUC Centre for Research Training and Publications (CRTP): programs.hipsir@hekima.ac.ke. The deadline for abstract submission is 30 July, 2024.  See details in the attached call for papers.  Abstracts can be submitted along the following general themes:

  1. Ethical AI and Peace: Exploring how artificial intelligence can be designed and deployed ethically to support peace initiatives.
  2. Digital Platforms for Interfaith Dialogue: Assessing the role of social media and digital communication in fostering interfaith understanding and cooperation.
  3. Technological Solutions for Humanitarian Aid: Evaluating the impact of technology in delivering humanitarian assistance and supporting vulnerable populations in conflict zones.
  4. Pastoral Application of Technology for Evangelization: Exploring how technology can be used for pastoral agency in ministry.
  5. Scripture, Technology and Pedagogical Innovations: Reviewing how scriptures are taught today, and implications on technological innovations.
  6. Digital preaching: Exploring diverse ways of evangelization through digital spaces
  7. Technology and peacebuilding: Ethical appraisal of technological advancement in peace and war
  8. Theological Perspectives on Technology: Reflecting on religious teachings that can guide the ethical use of technology in modern society.
  9. Cybersecurity and Global Peace: Addressing the threats posed by cyber warfare and developing strategies to protect critical infrastructure and maintain peace.
  10. Technology, Gender, Theology & Peace: Cross-cutting issues on gender perspectives on technology, theology and peace
  11. Youth & Technology: Exploring the points of convergence and divergence in youth perception on technology, theology and peace
  12. Technology, Poverty and Marginalization: Social justice issues on technology and marginalization