Centre for Research, Training and Publication (CRTP) conducted a training on the environmental advocacy and business plan writing skills in Migori from 11th – 12th July 2023. The training targeted artisanal miners and environmentalist from four (4) groups in Nyatike, in Migori County. The groups trained were Reformed Community Mining Group (RECOMIGRO), Nyatike Evangelism One Accord (NEOA), Mining Community Development Project (MICODEPRO) and Nyatike Mirema Tree NurseryCFA.

The objective of the training was to ‘enhance the participants’ knowledge on advocacy methodologies’ in order to promote environment conservation as well as  business skills for managing other income generating activities. This is particularly important in mitigating the  negative effect of climate change which has resulted into environmental degradation and food insecurity. Some of the identifiable activities from the participant’s during the training that negatively affects both the community and environment were: – the use of mercury in gold mining, unfilled mining pits, water and air pollution, the use of pesticides containing products which are harmful to the environment, and mercury poisoning.

Some of the measures suggested during the training by the participants that could be used in resolving the environment challenges were: Re-afforestation, building gabions and terracing, proper disposal of waste, community Sensitization, refilling of existing unused mining pits and strengthening existing Environmental Laws and policies.