Centre for Research, Training and Publication (CRTP) conducted a training on the environmental advocacy in Kwale from 18th – 19th July 2023. The groups trained were: New Boma Self-help Group, Mwandurya Self-help Group, Sisters to Brothers Self-Help Group and Umoja ni Nguvu Women Group who are engaged in environment conservation and artisanal mining such as sand harvesting.

The main aim of the training was to enhance the knowledge of participants on advocacy methodologies that they can use in transforming their environment in line with sustainable goal 13 on Climate Action which Kenya is a signatory. In mainstreaming this, counties such as Kwale have instituted these measure in their communities. This has been done through their Sectoral Plan of 2023-2032 and they have designed several interventions on climate change under their environment, natural resources and urban development sector. This sector captures sustainable forest management, climate change, renewable energy, artisanal mining, air and noise pollution, wildlife management, environment and social safeguards, hazardous waste management as well as sustainable waste management.

Some of the environmental advocacy issues that emerged during the training were: Filling of pits from sand harvesting through tree planting and construction of fish ponds which are key in environment conservation and improving food security. Air and water pollution due to large scale sand harvesting and artisanal mining which negatively affects the community and environment was also mentioned during the training. Extraction of top soil by hotels in some community land for the purpose of beautifying their establishments at the expense of good crop production for the community also emerged during training as another advocacy issue in Kwale. The measures suggested during the training by the participants that could be used in resolving the environment challenges were: Re-afforestation, Fish pond farming: Fencing of unfilled pits, and Planting of trees to prevent the further soil erosion.