In 2019 the Centre for Research, Training and Publications (CRTP) embarked on the development of a Conflict Monitoring Tool which was created in order to explore strategies of managing and possibly resolving conflicts. Understanding that an in-depth analysis of causes, trends and manifestations of conflicts is important, the development and implementation of an appropriate conflict-monitoring tool as a model of conflict analysis is a requisite to the peacebuilding discourse.

So that from the conflict monitoring exercise, preventive measures can be considered to ensure that the conflict is transformed and peace restored among the various parties involved. Hence, this project focused on the development of a conflict monitoring tool (CMT) with the selected sample countries as Kenya, South Sudan and DRC.

The main objectives of the CMT were to:

  1. Identify the levels of conflicts using the conflict curve tool.
  2. Identify the key drivers of conflict and categorize them under political, social, economic, religious, and complex.
  3. Identify the key actors of conflict.
  4. Examine the local and regional intervention factors/variables.