Chartered mediators course participants having a mediation engagement exercise

In 2017, Hekima college conducted a baseline survey on knowledge and policy gaps in extractive industries in Kenya, in six counties (Turkana, Kwale, Taita Taveta, Kitui, Migori and Lamu) affected by extractives. The survey established that there are gaps in citizen participation in the extractive industry and many  conflicts arose due to natural resources such as land, oil, and minerals.

Chartered Mediators training in Hekima Nairobi

The survey showed that communities living in mining areas have benefited little from the extractive industry and have very limited information on the potential impacts and benefits of the resources. The local communities also experienced low capacity to respond to the diverse conflicts and knowledge gaps.

Responding to these gaps HIPSIR started a project aimed at training chartered mediators who would acquire knowledge and skills in conflict analysis, peacebuilding, mediation and negotiation. The project started in October 2018 – October 2019 with a pilot phase with one county that is Kwale.

The second phase of the project began in November 2019 and focused on 3 counties, Turkana, Kwale and Migori. This training and project on extractive industries was supported by Misean Cara.