THEMES: The Catholic Church’s Synodal Journey; Peace and Stability in Africa; and the Ideological Implications of Artificial Intelligence

(23-27 OCTOBER 2023)
You are invited to participate in the annual Hekima University College Faculty and Students Research Week, to be held on 23rd – 27th October 2023 at the
Post-Graduate Campus, RIara Rd, Nairobi.
Faculty, Students (undergraduate and postgraduate)from your institutions, or Independent scholars are invited to submit abstracts on the themes mentioned above.

Please specify whether you are faculty, postgraduate or undergraduate student, or independent scholar.
On 25th October we will have a Student-led conference organized
by students with presentations from students from Hekima University College and other universities.
Please Submit your Abstracts (maximum 200 words)
To: Dr. Anthony Egan SJ
Deadline of Submission of Abstracts: by 25th August 2023.
Approval of your abstract will be sent to you by 30th August 2023.
Deadline for Submission of the final papers
of the approved abstracts to the organizers
by 2nd October 2023.
Selected papers will be published in a special issue of
Hekima Review marking Hekima @ 40 years.