A section of participants during a CMT and peacebuilding consultation held in Lowdar, Turkana in February 2020

The 6 month course intended to expose participants to a variety of perspectives in extractive industries such as monitoring the impacts of extractive industries on the community, assessing the extent of benefits extractive industries hold for the community and exploring strategies for intervening against challenges in extractive industries.

The main objectives of the training were

  • To articulate the relationship between extractive industries and their sustainability impact in Africa
  • To articulate the basic assumptions, concepts, and principles of advocacy and mediation, in extractive industries
  • This course also equipped trainees with mediation, negotiation and advocacy knowledge on extractive Industries for them to play a long-term role in the future towards the protection of the natural resources in their regions and to ensure effective engagement of communities and stakeholders for equitable benefit sharing among the people.

After the first phase of training the participants engaged in field work focusing on data collection involving conducting interviews and distributing questionnaires for a period of 1 month. This was followed by a second session of training in October 2020.