Teachers from St. Josephs following a training session during the teachers training

In 2019 HIPSIR through CRTP conducted two teachers’ trainings for St. Joseph’s Msongari. The training was conducted with a focus on leadership and conflict resolution. The training involved 26 teachers for two days for each of the training sessions. In order to achieve the training objectives, the training session was done by an expert in the peace, conflict and mediation fields.

The objective of this training was to train teachers who will acquire knowledge and skills in conflict analysis, understand the meaning and dynamics of conflict, peace, violence, identification of different approaches to conflict, exploring them and understand different approaches to conflict and put into practice the approaches learnt in addressing practical conflict.

The teachers’ training exposed the participants to a variety of perspectives on the various issues in relation to solving conflict both Intra and Inter, how to avoid getting into conflict, how to react responsibly in conflict situations. After the two trainings the participants were issued with certificates on leadership and conflict resolution.