Conflict In DRC

By The Center of Research Training and Publication (CRTP)

According to the CMT-2023, the conflict level for DRC was 2.6. This means that DRC is on the confrontational stage of conflict. The CMT 2023 highlights a complex landscape of conflicts in the DRC, with resource-based violence, gender-based violence, domestic violence, armed robbery, political violence, and police brutality being prominent concerns in the region. With regards to the divers of conflict in DRC, high levels of unemployment among the youth, the availability of small arms and light weapons, multiple armed groups in the region and the failure of the judicial system to help resolve the arising disputes are underlined as the major issues that trigger the conflicts in the region. Additionally, the CMT-2023 findings reveal a complex network of actors involved in conflicts in the DRC, including multinational corporations, political leaders, neighboring states, government security forces, armed militia groups, and community leaders. The CMT-2023 also notes that the religious institutions, peace committees, and certain community-based organizations, including council of elders, women groups, youth groups, government court systems, and various NGOs, are the most effective contributors to conflict resolution in the eastern DRC.

However, DRC faces significant challenges in achieving effective conflict resolution, with issues related to governance, corruption, climate change, and historical grievances recognized as the major hindrance to the realization of conflict transformation in the region. Nonetheless, some of the proposals made that would help in conflict resolution in DRC include the government taking the initiative to invest in economic development and poverty reduction programs to alleviate high levels of unemployment among the youth. Further, was proposed that the government need to implement stringent measures to control the availability and access to small arms and light weapons in DRC. Finally, the findings emphasize on the need for the government and other multi-lateral peace keeping missions to promote disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration (DDR) programs for former combatants.

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